We can’t believe it has been a year since we’ve updated you all! Well, I guess it just speaks to how busy we have been. Like how we’ve been writing more songs, performing a lot....and oh yeah, FINISHED OUR DEBUT EP AFFECTUS (link), available everywhere. Just a small detail :)

In the coming weeks, we are happy to be sharing the videos for our songs EYES and BILLIE. We are especially proud of EYES and the team behind it. It brought a new level of storytelling and emotion to a song that had been written for over a year. New life has been breathed into it...

Speaking of new life, there’s also a lot of new NUEX! Like that we’re heading out west (check the SHOWS tab), like that we’ve been blabbering, giving a lot of interviews and sharing our playlists (check the AS FEATURED ON tab), like that we have new T-shirts (check the MERCH tab) and like that we’re new people. A year changes ya.

Sorry for telling you to check so many things. But before you do! Stop! Halt! Wait! We just wanted to say we love you (yes, YOU, reading this) and so appreciate your company on this slow burn of ours. It means a LOT! And it’s about to get hot.

From the bottom of our alien “hearts”,

Camille y Teddy

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