Long time no see! We have been very busy playing shows, booking shows,  making music videos and stepping up our hustle.

On June 6th we were asked to play So Far Sounds DC again and it was incredible! Check out the shots! The space was inspiring and beautiful. We love showcasing our songs from a room.

We also began the reshoot for our song Lights Off. We have been working with this song for 2 and a half years now and SHEESH, it is finally on the right path. What can we say, we want it to be pretty for you all! We have some stills for you to look at.

We mostly post our upcoming shows on Instagram (our social media weapon of choice) but keep checking the SHOWS link up top there to your right for more details.

Booking agent in tow, we are getting shows left and right. Sometimes we can't promote them all because the music business Gods will smite us (shh, don't tell them!), but for the ones we can, we would LOVE to see you there. If you're in the DMV, come check out these jonts:

-Annual Collington Classic Block Party, June 25th, Baltimore

-SongByrd, July 8th, Washington D.C.

-The Hamilton, August 13th, Washington D.C.

!!!! Yeah, we are pretty excited about that last one.

Well, it was nice catching up with you! Until next time.

Beam Us Up,

Camille and Tedz

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