Hey Earthlings,

We are fresh off a four day marathon of hustlin'. It all started in New York City. When you book a roof top show and it rains and gets cancelled, you make STARDUST out of lemonade. We took advantage of the views turned it into a dope ass photo shoot. We were in our Empire state of grind. Photos coming soon.

With barely any time to clock in some Zzz's, we were back in D.C. and playing our THIRD Sofar Sounds gig opening up for New Zealand sweethearts, BROODS. What a fucking honor to share a space with them. Their magic rubbed off in a major way (hey Caleb! hey Georgia!). Check out the snaps below of us christening the space for them.

No rest for the wicked. Because less than 7 hours after we wrapped the show, we were up at the butt crack of dawn to finish shooting our video for Lights Off. Holy Bejesus we were TIRED. But it is a labor of love, and we cherished every sleepy, drowsy, starry moment. Check out the behind the scenes!

Yes, we finally did get a decent night's rest. But we are still up and at 'em. Working on adding new pieces, people and instruments to our Hamilton set on August 13th, booking more gigs, and getting our networking on.

Onward & Upward,

Cee and Tee 

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