Hey Hello Hi!

We are fresh off an airplane from Austin, TX. Well, airplane, car, and bus. Yes, we pulled out all the stops to get to Austin this year for SXSW.

Out of the 1000 + bands who submitted, us and two others won the chance to rep D.C. in Austin at SXSW. Wow! Humbling.

The journey there was crazy af. Voting, last minute shows, renting equipment, losing purses and cracking lap top screens....but it was so EARTH it!

We had so much fun...well fun is an under statement....we had so much...GEEZ HOW DO WE PUT IT....yo, it was so....SUPERAWESOMETIGHTOMGYAAAAAAS! There we go.

We chilled at the WeDC house, got free swag, drinks, and food, and better yet, we got to meet so many awesome people.

Gosh, can't even be eloquent because so.....AHH! On the heels on this adventure, our second single, I MAKE BONES, is formulating in some cloud above your head as we speak. Can't wait to rain it into the world. What, what? (*wink*)

Here are some pictures below. More to come.

With love from D.C. to Austin,

xoxo UStin

Teddy AitkinsComment