The holiday season is always slow for us. But it is a time to reflect. Pause. And plan for next year. If only you knew everything we had backed up in our pipeline.

First--the video for Lights Off is complete and awaiting its overdue premiere.

Second- the release and video for our second single, I Make Bones, is already rapidly approaching.

Third--the goddamn EP we have been working on and promising since the inception of this duo (like 3 years ago) is finally becoming a concrete concept. Shit fuck damn. Why does everything take so long?

Because time nourishes our dreams.

Because nothing that comes rushed can really be that great.

Because Teddy and I are trying out this thing called patience, and seeing some value in it. The frustration is torturing at times, but such is the life of an artist. And it makes the reward that *much* more satisfying.

(Because music business politics...)

So here we are in our sweet pause--toiling, working, wondering. Enjoying the journey, and all of its detours. Maybe its not where you end up, but all the roadside attractions along the way.

Anyway, enjoy below some of what we've been up to in this pause. Playing shows, photoshoots, twiddling our thumbs.

Working on 2 more shows to close out the year strong, and with intention. Come back and check our SHOWS tab from time to time. You just might find a surprise...

Happy Holidays,

Tee, Cee

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