Happy new year.

We are fresh pressed for 2017. Nothing like the illusion of time to make it seem like you have a brand new start. But HEY, go with it!

Teddy and I have finalized the teaser tracks for our upcoming EP AFFECTUS, and the cover art. Let's just say the art is a super throwback. To us. We wanted our cover to reflect something that means a lot to the both of us. Didn't want to just commission a pretty piece of art for a pretty piece of coin. We're going simple with this one. No gimmicks, just us.

I Make Bones is officially our second single. Our visual director Othello Banaci is dreaming up the treatment. In comparison to Lights Off, this one will be darker, more moody, more fitting to the frustration we sometimes find ourselves in. We turned the lights off, and now we are in the dark making bones. As it were...

We have two shows coming up, with the promise of more soon. In the downtime, we are conceiving of our EP, and resting up for its birth into the world. It has a story to tell. Its in the words, the moods, the sounds and the spaces. Can you find it?

With all troubles comes triumph.

We gotta rise and rise...lift up out this sky...

Teddy AitkinsComment