Special post for our special friend, Junior Marvin. He was the guitarist for Bob Marley and The Wailers, and played a key role in Exodus, the album AND the worldwide tour. Aka, he a BIG deal.

Junior saw us play in 2015 at a small bar called Treehouse Lounge. Not a lot of people were there, sound system was lacking, stage set up was awkward, and the owner was super unhelpful. Yet despite all those things, we gave 100% like we always do. Well, the Universe is CRAZY y'all. Junior happened to be in the audience that day, and he recognized our grit, our passion, our, dare we say, talent. Lemons were turned into champagne that day. We kept in touch, and one warm day several months later, he invited us to open for him at the Hamilton. Who would have known that a small show in a dingy bar would lead to opening up for one of the most prolific musicians in one of the most revered venues in the city?!?! This universe truly IS ours...

A weekend or so ago, we played that show. And it was magic! Junior, we love you. Thank you so much for letting us open for you, thank you for launching us into orbit.

It's our turn,

Teddy and Camille

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