We played at The W Hotel's Rooftop lounge this past Friday. It was an event coordinated by Brightest Young Things, and we fancy ourselves some bright young tings tings, aye! It was a blast playing with the best view of Washington D.C. as the backdrop. 

We are an all electric band, and that can pose some issues when it comes to soundchecking and getting all the levels right. The W made us all sweaty and nervous, but we were able to push through the technical difficulties and give it our all. And it showed in the faces of the fans, old and new. WE LOVE YOU. 

For now, we are laying low, putting the final touches on our video, and continuing to create. We have a mini documentary in the works, and we are finalizing our debut. As always, most of the work happens when no one's looking. Here's to booking more shows soon (we got a tight one in November, can't wait to share!!)

Sincerely from the band you saw that one time, who rocketed up into the stratosphere shortly after (it's only a matter of time),


Teddy AitkinsComment