Goodbye 2016. What a rollercoaster you were.

Now that we are out from under Lights Off (check out the video we just released on the HOME NOW page or VIDEO page), it is full steam ahead, with a new single and new video already in the works. Don't get us wrong, we love the song. But it has been about 2 years in the making for us. Between finding someone to direct the vid, getting our schedules together with full time work (and full time daddy duty), getting a premiere, playing for shows, traveling, money, and all the other musical politicking, it has been a long road. What is new to the audience, to the masses, is sometimes old and stale to the people who created it, and saw it through from beginning to end. We are ready to move forward. We have SO MUCH MORE TO SHARE! And we are excited.

It is the end of an era for us. And how fitting that Lights Off would be the song of that era--"home now, its our universe. don't panic now, dear traveler. you can finally rest your head, so just rest your head."

Kind of sums up the beginning of this whole NUEX thing--the fear, the excitement. And now we rest, off into 2017 knowing more about who we are as a band, more self-assured.

Someone once told us that Lights Off is the perfect New Years Eve song. We agree. The sentiment is all the same--gather with those you love, drink champagne, feel at home, and turn the lights off on this year.

Affectus, the EP, out spring 2017.

We love you, you.

Happy NUEX year,

Camille & Teddy

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