Checking in to say: not long now! We have been finalizing our second body of work, an ALBUM, and will be releasing a new single soon.

In the meantime, come see what we are up to at DC 9 on May 11th, and peep into our lives by following us on Instagram @weareNUEX

We promise the wait is worth it.

Phone home,

Camille & Teddy


We can’t believe it has been a year since we’ve updated you all! Well, I guess it just speaks to how busy we have been. Like how we’ve been writing more songs, performing a lot....and oh yeah, FINISHED OUR DEBUT EP AFFECTUS (link), available everywhere. Just a small detail :)

In the coming weeks, we are happy to be sharing the videos for our songs EYES and BILLIE. We are especially proud of EYES and the team behind it. It brought a new level of storytelling and emotion to a song that had been written for over a year. New life has been breathed into it...

Speaking of new life, there’s also a lot of new NUEX! Like that we’re heading out west (check the SHOWS tab), like that we’ve been blabbering, giving a lot of interviews and sharing our playlists (check the AS FEATURED ON tab), like that we have new T-shirts (check the MERCH tab) and like that we’re new people. A year changes ya.

Sorry for telling you to check so many things. But before you do! Stop! Halt! Wait! We just wanted to say we love you (yes, YOU, reading this) and so appreciate your company on this slow burn of ours. It means a LOT! And it’s about to get hot.

From the bottom of our alien “hearts”,

Camille y Teddy

Teddy AitkinsComment

Hey Hello Hi!

We are fresh off an airplane from Austin, TX. Well, airplane, car, and bus. Yes, we pulled out all the stops to get to Austin this year for SXSW.

Out of the 1000 + bands who submitted, us and two others won the chance to rep D.C. in Austin at SXSW. Wow! Humbling.

The journey there was crazy af. Voting, last minute shows, renting equipment, losing purses and cracking lap top screens....but it was so EARTH it!

We had so much fun...well fun is an under statement....we had so much...GEEZ HOW DO WE PUT IT....yo, it was so....SUPERAWESOMETIGHTOMGYAAAAAAS! There we go.

We chilled at the WeDC house, got free swag, drinks, and food, and better yet, we got to meet so many awesome people.

Gosh, can't even be eloquent because so.....AHH! On the heels on this adventure, our second single, I MAKE BONES, is formulating in some cloud above your head as we speak. Can't wait to rain it into the world. What, what? (*wink*)

Here are some pictures below. More to come.

With love from D.C. to Austin,

xoxo UStin

Teddy AitkinsComment

Happy new year.

We are fresh pressed for 2017. Nothing like the illusion of time to make it seem like you have a brand new start. But HEY, go with it!

Teddy and I have finalized the teaser tracks for our upcoming EP AFFECTUS, and the cover art. Let's just say the art is a super throwback. To us. We wanted our cover to reflect something that means a lot to the both of us. Didn't want to just commission a pretty piece of art for a pretty piece of coin. We're going simple with this one. No gimmicks, just us.

I Make Bones is officially our second single. Our visual director Othello Banaci is dreaming up the treatment. In comparison to Lights Off, this one will be darker, more moody, more fitting to the frustration we sometimes find ourselves in. We turned the lights off, and now we are in the dark making bones. As it were...

We have two shows coming up, with the promise of more soon. In the downtime, we are conceiving of our EP, and resting up for its birth into the world. It has a story to tell. Its in the words, the moods, the sounds and the spaces. Can you find it?

With all troubles comes triumph.

We gotta rise and rise...lift up out this sky...

Teddy AitkinsComment

Goodbye 2016. What a rollercoaster you were.

Now that we are out from under Lights Off (check out the video we just released on the HOME NOW page or VIDEO page), it is full steam ahead, with a new single and new video already in the works. Don't get us wrong, we love the song. But it has been about 2 years in the making for us. Between finding someone to direct the vid, getting our schedules together with full time work (and full time daddy duty), getting a premiere, playing for shows, traveling, money, and all the other musical politicking, it has been a long road. What is new to the audience, to the masses, is sometimes old and stale to the people who created it, and saw it through from beginning to end. We are ready to move forward. We have SO MUCH MORE TO SHARE! And we are excited.

It is the end of an era for us. And how fitting that Lights Off would be the song of that era--"home now, its our universe. don't panic now, dear traveler. you can finally rest your head, so just rest your head."

Kind of sums up the beginning of this whole NUEX thing--the fear, the excitement. And now we rest, off into 2017 knowing more about who we are as a band, more self-assured.

Someone once told us that Lights Off is the perfect New Years Eve song. We agree. The sentiment is all the same--gather with those you love, drink champagne, feel at home, and turn the lights off on this year.

Affectus, the EP, out spring 2017.

We love you, you.

Happy NUEX year,

Camille & Teddy

Teddy AitkinsComment

The holiday season is always slow for us. But it is a time to reflect. Pause. And plan for next year. If only you knew everything we had backed up in our pipeline.

First--the video for Lights Off is complete and awaiting its overdue premiere.

Second- the release and video for our second single, I Make Bones, is already rapidly approaching.

Third--the goddamn EP we have been working on and promising since the inception of this duo (like 3 years ago) is finally becoming a concrete concept. Shit fuck damn. Why does everything take so long?

Because time nourishes our dreams.

Because nothing that comes rushed can really be that great.

Because Teddy and I are trying out this thing called patience, and seeing some value in it. The frustration is torturing at times, but such is the life of an artist. And it makes the reward that *much* more satisfying.

(Because music business politics...)

So here we are in our sweet pause--toiling, working, wondering. Enjoying the journey, and all of its detours. Maybe its not where you end up, but all the roadside attractions along the way.

Anyway, enjoy below some of what we've been up to in this pause. Playing shows, photoshoots, twiddling our thumbs.

Working on 2 more shows to close out the year strong, and with intention. Come back and check our SHOWS tab from time to time. You just might find a surprise...

Happy Holidays,

Tee, Cee

Teddy AitkinsComment

We played at The W Hotel's Rooftop lounge this past Friday. It was an event coordinated by Brightest Young Things, and we fancy ourselves some bright young tings tings, aye! It was a blast playing with the best view of Washington D.C. as the backdrop. 

We are an all electric band, and that can pose some issues when it comes to soundchecking and getting all the levels right. The W made us all sweaty and nervous, but we were able to push through the technical difficulties and give it our all. And it showed in the faces of the fans, old and new. WE LOVE YOU. 

For now, we are laying low, putting the final touches on our video, and continuing to create. We have a mini documentary in the works, and we are finalizing our debut. As always, most of the work happens when no one's looking. Here's to booking more shows soon (we got a tight one in November, can't wait to share!!)

Sincerely from the band you saw that one time, who rocketed up into the stratosphere shortly after (it's only a matter of time),


Teddy AitkinsComment

Special post for our special friend, Junior Marvin. He was the guitarist for Bob Marley and The Wailers, and played a key role in Exodus, the album AND the worldwide tour. Aka, he a BIG deal.

Junior saw us play in 2015 at a small bar called Treehouse Lounge. Not a lot of people were there, sound system was lacking, stage set up was awkward, and the owner was super unhelpful. Yet despite all those things, we gave 100% like we always do. Well, the Universe is CRAZY y'all. Junior happened to be in the audience that day, and he recognized our grit, our passion, our, dare we say, talent. Lemons were turned into champagne that day. We kept in touch, and one warm day several months later, he invited us to open for him at the Hamilton. Who would have known that a small show in a dingy bar would lead to opening up for one of the most prolific musicians in one of the most revered venues in the city?!?! This universe truly IS ours...

A weekend or so ago, we played that show. And it was magic! Junior, we love you. Thank you so much for letting us open for you, thank you for launching us into orbit.

It's our turn,

Teddy and Camille

Teddy AitkinsComment

Hey Earthlings,

We are fresh off a four day marathon of hustlin'. It all started in New York City. When you book a roof top show and it rains and gets cancelled, you make STARDUST out of lemonade. We took advantage of the views turned it into a dope ass photo shoot. We were in our Empire state of grind. Photos coming soon.

With barely any time to clock in some Zzz's, we were back in D.C. and playing our THIRD Sofar Sounds gig opening up for New Zealand sweethearts, BROODS. What a fucking honor to share a space with them. Their magic rubbed off in a major way (hey Caleb! hey Georgia!). Check out the snaps below of us christening the space for them.

No rest for the wicked. Because less than 7 hours after we wrapped the show, we were up at the butt crack of dawn to finish shooting our video for Lights Off. Holy Bejesus we were TIRED. But it is a labor of love, and we cherished every sleepy, drowsy, starry moment. Check out the behind the scenes!

Yes, we finally did get a decent night's rest. But we are still up and at 'em. Working on adding new pieces, people and instruments to our Hamilton set on August 13th, booking more gigs, and getting our networking on.

Onward & Upward,

Cee and Tee 

Teddy AitkinsComment

Long time no see! We have been very busy playing shows, booking shows,  making music videos and stepping up our hustle.

On June 6th we were asked to play So Far Sounds DC again and it was incredible! Check out the shots! The space was inspiring and beautiful. We love showcasing our songs from a room.

We also began the reshoot for our song Lights Off. We have been working with this song for 2 and a half years now and SHEESH, it is finally on the right path. What can we say, we want it to be pretty for you all! We have some stills for you to look at.

We mostly post our upcoming shows on Instagram (our social media weapon of choice) but keep checking the SHOWS link up top there to your right for more details.

Booking agent in tow, we are getting shows left and right. Sometimes we can't promote them all because the music business Gods will smite us (shh, don't tell them!), but for the ones we can, we would LOVE to see you there. If you're in the DMV, come check out these jonts:

-Annual Collington Classic Block Party, June 25th, Baltimore

-SongByrd, July 8th, Washington D.C.

-The Hamilton, August 13th, Washington D.C.

!!!! Yeah, we are pretty excited about that last one.

Well, it was nice catching up with you! Until next time.

Beam Us Up,

Camille and Tedz

Teddy AitkinsComment

This was our first Sofar Sounds show. We had no idea what to expect. It was in someone's house. In the basement...

But WOW what magic it ended up being! Thank you Fitz and James for having us, and launching us into the DC scene.


Teddy AitkinsComment

On Sunday we played our first show of 2016 at Galaxy Hut in VA. Felt good playing to a packed, loving crowd. NUEX's got our groove back after a long holiday. See you on the road in 2016 :) Many goodies in store.  

Blast off,  Camille & Teddy



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